VIDEO Training Features.

Employees of the new age are consuming most of the information through videos. Visuals and audio prove to be more powerful. It’s no wonder that YouTube has become the most popular search engine after Google.


VIDEO - Learning Goals

Video Marketing - You need to have clear learning goals for your videos. To attain this learning goal, you can have up to 5 objectives or you can simplify identify a core goal. Getting focus will get the most effective impact.


VIDEO - The Delivery

Delivering your special message through video gets you inside peoples business and personal lives faster and easier than any other marketing method. Production techniques on the course will deliver maximum impact.


VIDEO Effects

Simple easy methods of introducing effects that lift the video to become a higher standout quality will ensure that you gain competitive advantage from your finished video.


Get Traffic to your VIDEO

Getting traffic to your video is a separate powerful module that will open up new opportunities that are simply amazing. Previous students on the course have found new jobs, sold consulting and generated leads that have increased income greater than 150% within 12 months.


Custom Video Training

This is a transferable skill that once learned will stay with you forever. Over the next decade you can pull on a powerful capability to communicate that is unavailable to other. There is no expensive tools required - Its all done using a mobile phone, low cost, easy and always accessible.



Over 78% of students report a payback within 12 months. Many have generated new revenues that exceed the cost of the course with 3 months. There has been many successes and you could be one of them.

Making Life Easier

Invest in Capability

Its not just about the money. It is also about the feeling of having options - Being in control. When you set the ageda and can present the right message at the right time to the right targets - This puts you in control.

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Your Super Cool Video

Depending upon your objective you will self produce and generate at least one 'fit for purpose' video. The real benefits however will be in the training on how you created the video. And this will be transferable to all your other objectives and projects both now and in the future.

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Months ROI


NEW Ways to communicate


thoughts per second


percent success rate


GBP - starter cost


Hours from greatness

Plans and Pricing.

Below is the module by module pricing pans, but most unique objectives can be catered for



Per module

  • Starter
  • 15 Hrs
  • 1 Month Support
  • Genral VIDEO Marketing
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3 Modules

  • Standard
  • 50 Hrs
  • 3 Months Support
  • Specific Bespoke Objectives
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5 Modules

  • Premium
  • 90 Hrs
  • 12 Months Support
  • Comprehensive Objecticves
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Hear What Our Customers Say.

  • “After I took the course from I doubled my earning in 6 months.”

    — Marco Sims

  • “I found after reaching the end of the third module my email box was bursting with new opportunities I never had before.”

    — Dieter Ramos

  • “My future feels more controlable - Rather than reacting and stuggling with ways I was using before - This unique high value skillset from Video Marketing will be here for life.”

    — Jony Petrovik

Money Back Guarantee

If we do not exceed your expectations ther is a no quible guarantee - All payments made will be refunded in full

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